Langley Heritage Pork is a new farming venture that began in 2015. That is when the first pigs were picked up from Fort St. John. That's right - Mark drove all the way to Fort St. John to pick up the first group of weaners. After a lot of research, there was a specific breed Mark wanted and that's where he had to go to get them. Pork was not his first introduction to farming though: the farming dream started 30 years earlier.

Mark grew up in Maple Ridge, BC on a hobby farm with everything from dairy cows to llamas. He joined the 4H Dairy club at 9 years old, moved to the Rabbit club and then finished up 4H as a member of the Otter Llama club, of which he is still a leader. Growing up, and to this day, he enjoys everything to do with animals, especially llamas, and still has a herd of over 30 llamas simply because he thinks they are so awesome (and useful).

The idea of raising pasture pork started in 2012. After some research, there appeared to be a large opportunity to make an impact in the community through raising better pork, and so the farm began with a small group of Large Blacks. Later on that year, he purchased a Large Black boar, a few sows, and a Berkshire boar.

He focused in on two breeds, the Berkshire and the Large Black. Both have legendary flavour and great pasturing ability. At Langley Heritage Pork, we continue to improve the hogs we raise for the best possible flavour while raising them all on pasture. We have been extremely happy with our customer response and look forward to introducing more great people like you to our pasture raised pork.​